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Solar Eclipse

Total Eclipse 2024






What is a total solar eclipse?

It is like nothing you have ever seen before. Day turns to eerie twilight, and there's a "hole in the sky." It is something that can't be described - you simply have to see it with your own eyes! Daylight is replaced by a mysterious dusk, and bright planets become visible. Plants and animals act as if it were nightfall as flowers close up and birds return to roost. There's a chill in the air because the temperature drops a dozen degrees or more. The brilliant sun is replaced by a black orb surrounded by a feathery halo. As totality ends, a brilliant burst of sunlight appears along one edge of the sun. The entire event, including the partial phases, can take nearly three hours. But the total part usually lasts only a few minutes, so there is very little time to absorb this spectacular sight. It's not just something you see - it's something you experience. A total eclipse can be seen from a particular place on Earth only once every 375 years on average, but some places may go more than 1,000 years between total eclipses. The 2017 Solar Eclipse was one of the most-watched events in U.S. History with 216 million people watching. Over 20 million people traveled from home to another state to see the totality. The next total eclipse anywhere in the United States won't happen again until August 25, 2044, and will only be seen from parts of Montana and North Dakota.


Safe Eclipse Viewing

Solar glasses lower the intensity and block harmful ultraviolet and infrared rays of the light that come from the Sun and are essential for viewing the partial phases that proceed and follow totality. Once the darkness descends, it is safe to take your glasses off and look at totality. Before you know it, the Sun will peak around the Moon again and it will be time to put the Solar glasses back on. NEVER look directly at the partial phases of the eclipse without Solar glasses.

Solar Eclipse Glasses - Castroville Edition


Teachers (with school ID) - $1.50/each

Bulk Pricing (100 or more) - $1.50/each



Alsatian Resort, Inc. - (830) 931-9140

Barber's House TX - (210) 508-3774

Brock Haus Bed & Breakfast - (830) 931-9221

Castroville Regional Park - (830) 931-0033

Chateau Claire Boutique B&B - (830) 741-1320

Haby Settlement Guest House - (830) 538-3911

Hillside Boutique Hotel - (830) 538-3200

Hotel Tarde - (210) 625-2364

Landmark Inn Historic Site - (830) 931-2133

Medina River Windmill Cabin - (210) 288-1971

Paradise Canyon - (830) 751-9911

Stella Vista Verde Ranch - (713) 444-7436

The River Haus - (210) 415-5581

If you would like to rent your space out for the upcoming 2024 Total Solar Eclipse, please submit your information below to be added to our website.

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